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Bathing aids for your bathtub

Bathing aids: Bath lifts – bring back mobility!

With increasing age and a potential restricted mobility, the requirements on the living arrangements and the bath facilities are increasing. The equipment of the bathroom plays an important role as body care is an important factor for the maintenance of ones health.
Solution: Good to know that it is possible to use an existing bath tub with the help of the bathlifts in our range.
The particularity: No restructuration of the bathroom necessary and installation at every moment possible.

The installation is very easy and can be done by handymen. Once installed, the lift is an indispensable help in the bathroom. Those are the positive reactions that reach us regularly.

Here is an overview for you:

Get safely into you bath tub:


With this model you will have a lot of pleasure. The classic model among the bath lifts is, as well as all our devices, made from solid stainless steel and almost undestructable. On every mechanical element we offer you a 5 years warranty.

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This is the smallest bath tub lift of all. Both internally and externally, the bath lift is made from high-quality stainless steel and by far the most exclusive bath lift on the market. Allow yourself a relaxing and soothing bath knowing you will get out effortless without help.

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This bath tub lift is particularly suitable for narrow bathroooms and body shaped tubs. Everywhere, where other lifts don’t fit in, this slim device is convincing.
In contrast to other lifts, this model is mounted in front of the bath tub. In addition, the lift offers a comfortable seat, which facilitates the entering of the tub especially for mobilityrestricted people.

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