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Bath lift

Diamantlift: Bath lift

Bath lifts by Diamantlift make it possible to take a real soak in your own bath tub.

The particular: Our bathlifts lower and arise you with the help of a seating belt.

With our bath lifts, you can sit on the bottom of your tub. At the touch of the button, the system conveniently raises you to the level so that you can simply step out.

  • Seating belt can be lowered to the very bottom of your bath – saves water
  • easy cleaning – only the seating belt comes into direct contact with water
  • the belt is thightened and allows you to sit down safe and secure
  • integral battery – safe functioning – no mains connection
  • Advantage in comparison with a walk-in bath: you don’t have to wait until the bath water has drained off
  • at the touch of a button, everything is restored
  • Lift remains on the wall – nothing has to be removed out of the tub
  • no modification or expansion of the bath necessary
  • bathlift fits into every bath tub –for a subsequent installation