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Bath tub lift


Bath tub lifts: With increasing age and a potential restricted mobility, the requirements on the living arrangements and the bath facilities are increasing. The equipment of the bathroom plays an important role as body care is an important factor for the maintenance of ones health.


Good to know that it is possible to use an existing bath tub with the help of our bath lifts. The particularity is that you do not have to re-structure your bathroom!
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The installation is very easy and can be done by handymen. Once installed, the lift is an indispensable help in the bathroom. Those are the positive reactions that reach us regularly.
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Funktionsweise des Wannenlift, Badelift, Badewannenliftes

Feed out the seating belt from the basic device (1) by touching the button and attach it to the mounting bar (2).  The touch of the button () tightens the belt so that you can sit down comfortably.

Einfache Bedienung des Wannenlift, Badelift, Badewannenliftes

Now you can place down yourself safe and secure.
With the touch of the button () on the device or on the remote control, the seating belt lowers you gently into the bath.

Die perfekte Badehilfe mit einem Badelift von Diamant

The seating belt is now below you and you barely notice it. The joy of bathing can start!