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Questions and answers concerning bathtub lifts

Difference Bathtub chair lift

Disadvantage of such bathlifts is the heigth of those devices.
Summary of the disadvantages from our point of view:

  • More water is required as there are 10 cm free space between the lift and the bottom of the tub
  • Cleaning is difficult as there are many parts which come into contact with the water
  • Lifting out is not possible without help (about 12 kg) – and afterwards there is water all over the bathroom
  • The lift won’t dry completely or at least it needs a long time
  • not practical when others want to use the tub as well
  • Where to range the lift? It’s very bulky!
  • not really suitable for those who bathe a lot

The biggest difference is that a real full bath is not possible with such bathlifts!
A real full bath only with Bathlifts by Diamant

Inflatable lift as bathtublift

Why don’t you have an inflatable lift in your product range?
We are not convinced by the technology of an air cushion. The following disadvantages are decisive for us:

  • the blower is very loud– like a vacuum cleaner!
  • air cushion does not rest at the bottom
  • after multiple use, the suction cups don’t work reliably anymore
  • when water is running into the tub, the cushion floats up
  • no safe boarding – like on an inflatable boat
  • after bathing, the drying is very laborious
  • bulky and must be lifted out of the tub – the bathroom will be totally wet afterwards
  • layers of soap rest on the seams which leads to an unhygienic cushion after multiple use

Functional principle of a bathlift

Short description of how to bathe:
The seating belt is fed out from the basic device by touching the button and attached to the mounting bar.
The touch of the button “up” tightens the belt so that you can sit down comfortably.
Now you can place down yourself. With the touch of the button “down” on the device or on the remote control, the seating belt lowers you gently to the bottom of the tub. The seating belt is now below you and you barely notice it.
The joy of bathing can start!
When you have finished your bath, touch the button “up” and you will be raised up. You can stop the seating belt in every position by releasing the button. Now you can get out of the tub comfortably and secure. After use, you can feed the seating belt back into the basic device. The tub is then free and can be used by other family members.
More reasons for a Bathtublift by Diamant

Which bathlift is the right one for me?

That depends on your bathroom and the room conditions. Please check the data on the dimensions and the needed space of our bathlift types. You will find the suitable engineering drawings on the corresponding pages with data concerning the needed space. Here a short summary:


Bathlifts or Bathtublifts are in different versions on the market:

Bath lift with belt

A bathtublift with a belt is a so called belt bath lift. With a belt bath lift, a person, who has taken place on a seating belt, is lowered down to the bottom of the tub and raised up again mechanically. (Special form: belt bath lift, that is mounted in front of the bathtub, also called front mounted bath lift) Source: Wikipedia

Bathtub lift

There is nothing more relaxing than a soothing bath in your own bathtub. Many elder or mobility restricted people can’t benefit from that, as they can’t get in and out of the tub without external help.
A bathlift like those from our house make it possible to take a joyful bath.
Example bathtublift, Example for installation