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Good reasons for a bath tub lift

More than 1000 satisfied customers confirm it – A Diamant belt bath lift allows the bather to take a bath without any help. And this is not the only advantage – this is the only kind of lifts that makes a real soak possible, as there are no disturbing air or cushions between tub and body.

Learn more about our lifts and the advantages to purchase them directly from a German producer.
Not only will you benefit from the price advantage, but you get also a  5 year’s warranty on your lift. Only with us you will get a special solution according to your needs – the best for your bathroom.

Diamantlift – the only lift in four different sizes and forms. A lift you can trust.

  • Seating belt can be lowered to the very bottom of your bath – saves water and takes up very little space
  • Belt adapts itself to the shape of the bath tub
  • easy cleaning – only the seating belt comes into direct contact with water
  • the belt is thightened and allows you to sit down safe and secure
  • integral battery – safe functioning – no mains connection
  • no connecting cable necessary
  • you don’t have to wait until the bath water has drained off
  • Bath aid can be restored after use, freeing the bath for other users
  • at the touch of a button, everything is restored – nothing has to be removed out of the tub
  • no modification or expansion of the bath necessary


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